Geothermal 101








“Geothermal is the most energy efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly, and comfortable space conditioning system available today”.   EPA

Explore this section of our website to learn what geothermal is, how it works, and the benefits of switching to geothermal.

What is Geothermal?

This section defines geothermal and clarifies the three different technologies -Geothermal, Geoexchange, and Air Exchange – that are often lumped together under the term “geothermal”.

How it works

This section is organized to allow you to learn the basic elements of a geothermal system and drill down to the level of detail you need.


Learn four powerful and compelling reasons for switching to a geothermal.


Learn the economics of geothermal and why it is one of the best financial investments that you can make.