Ground Source Heat Pump Equipment

ComfortTalk to any home owner who has a properly designed and installed geothermal system and they will tell you it is the most comfortable heating and cooling system they have ever had.

One of the main reasons geoexchange is so cost effective and comfortable is because it is designed to run in stages. The heat pump and the fan in a forced air system both have two stages. They run in first stage during milder conditions and jump to second stage during more extreme weather conditions. Stages make a geothermal system more comfortable and more efficient in its use of energy.

A geoexchange system is designed to hold a temperature within 2 degrees of the thermostat setting.  It also uses lower temperature and increased air movement to create an even, comfortable environment throughout the house. This eliminates or significantly reduces the hot and cold spots that are common with fossil fuel furnaces.

The operating cost of geoexchange is so low you can set your thermostat for comfort, not for saving money.

Features of the heat pump system vs. fossil fuel systems:

  • eliminates the noisy start up sound
  • reduces the hot and cold spots throughout the house
  • reduces the overruns in temperature in spring and fall
  • provides better dehumidification of the building during the cooling season
  • inexpensive to run