Great Investment

Great Investment Opportunity

Geolar presents an unmatched and unbeatable investment opportunity with an ROI that is beyond anything that can be matched by traditional financial investments. It is also the safest investment you can make.

From an economic perspective, Geolar is best viewed as an investment opportunity because it requires you to make an upfront investment of cash or credit to cover the cost of installation.

But the return on your investment is nearly impossible to beat with any traditional financial instrument. When you run the numbers, it quickly becomes a “no-brainer” from an investment decision standpoint. And Geolar is one of the safest investments you can make.


The return on your investment comes in the forms of tax credits, rebates, energy savings and increased home value.

Tax Credits

Solar qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. This provides an immediate 30% return on your investment in the first year. Nearly 1/3 of your investment is paid back to you by the Federal Government in the first year.  If you can not use up the tax credit the first year it can be taken over a five year period after the installation. This return is guaranteed by the federal government.


Utilities provide rebates for both geothermal and solar. Most of these rebates are paid back within the first couple months of installing either geothermal or solar.

Rebates vary greatly between utilities, especially for Solar. Some power companies, Wright-Hennepin Electrical Cooperative for example, offer no rebates for solar installed on your property. Instead they offer individual home owners the ability to buy solar panels in their Community Solar arrays.

At the other extreme is Xcel’s Energy’s Solar Rewards program. In  Minnesota, this program pays you 8 cents for each kilowatt produced during the first ten years the solar energy system is in operation!

And those fortunate enough to get in on the “Made in Minnesota” solar incentive program can receive a rebate of up to 30 cents for each KWH produced during the first ten years the system is in operation. Solar PV projects must be located in one of three participating electric investor-owned utility (IOU) service territories – Xcel Energy, Minnesota Power, and Otter Tail Power.


The return on your investment continues with annual savings that increase every year.  Geolar Overview 4With Geolar, you become a producer or supplier of electricity. Your costs are shifted from making monthly payments to power and fossil fuel companies, to the capital investment you made to install the system. And once you invest, your monthly bills immediately go away.

And the savings go on for the life of the home.That can generate the tens of thousands into the hundreds of thousand dollars in savings.

Home Value

Finally, you will also see an immediate increase in the value and marketability of your home. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that Solar homeowners recover approximately 97% of their investment costs upon property resale. Another Study by Berkley Lab and the Sun Shot Initiative found the value of a home goes up by $3 to $4 per DC watt that is produced.

It should be noted that the increase in property value can be affected by market conditions. A home that is already over priced for its neighborhood, for example, will probably not increase in value as much as a home in the same neighborhood that is currently under priced for its neighborhood.

Double and Triple Digit ROI

A Geolar investment typically provides a double and triple digit return on your investment. Below are ROI’s from two economic case studies.

Pay Back

Your entire capital investment is typically paid back in less than 15 years.

Safe Investment

Geolar is probably the safest investment you can find. The return on your investment is not subject to the volatility of financial markets. No matter what happens in the world around you, you will always have to heat, cool, and power your home. Therefore, your savings are guaranteed for as long as you live in your home. And the savings go up as the costs of fossil fuels go up. Imagine reading a headline on skyrocketing fuel costs and saying to yourself – “That’s great, my savings just went up!”

Delve into Geolar economics more by checking out our Economic Case Studies.

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