How to Choose an Installer

How to Select a Geothermal Installer – Brochure

Search the web and the most common caution you will find about geothermal is to “pick the right PYramid of excellenceinstaller”. That is because geothermal requires installers to “know, follow, and apply the science”.

To follow the science requires that an installer that has climbed the Pyramid of Excellence to become certified, experienced, knowledgeable, and build a strong reputation.



The minimum qualification for any installer is IGSHPA certification. This certification assures the installer “knows” the science behind the design and installation of a Geoexchange system. More


Each geothermal installation is different and must be customer designed. Choose an installer that has done a minimum of 300 installations to avoid “part timers” who lack the experience to consistently get things right —More


To “follow the science” installers must use computer base software for analysis and design,actively participate in professional organizations to provide access to learning and experts, and have full time employees to keep their experience and leaning in house.  —More


An experienced installer will have developed a reputation. Check it out! —More