Installer Experience

Every home is different, so every geothermal installation must be custom designed to fit the home or building it will be installed in. So choose an installer that has done a minimum of 300 installations to avoid “part timers” who lack the experience to consistently get things right.

This is especially true in retrofit applications. For example, a key determination in a retrofit installation, the BTU requirement of the building, is extremely difficult  because  most of the information needed is buried under the finished walls and ceilings.SAM_0607 Therefore it takes a great deal of detective work and experience to accurately determine the BTU requirements of the home or commercial building.

There is also a great deal of variation in designs based on the size of the home. Smaller homes with a single piece of equipment are much easier to design that larger homes that will require multiple pieces of equipment. So IMG_0746the experience of the installer should be in the size and type of home the system is being installed in.

An installer with a minimum of 300 jobs will have enough experience to at least understand this complexity and avoid the more common problems associated with basic installations.

UMR has installed over 1000 geothermal units in homes ranging from 1 story ramblers to executive homes and mansions. We also service all geothermal heat pumps and systems and provide service contracts for geothermal systems in light commercial buildings.