Installer Knowledge

To “follow the science” installers must use computer base software for analysis and design,actively participate in professional organizations to provide access to learning and experts, and have full time employees to keep their experience and leaning in house.

 Geothermal Design Software

There is a great deal of math required to design a geothermal system. Fortunately there are there are several different software packages available to geothermal installers. But, any installer who is not using software to design their system cannot follow the science; their just guessing!

Professional Organizations

There are several professional organizations that provide leading edge insight to geothermal technology and installation. Participation in these organizations assure that an installer is using the latest science and techniques to design and install geothermal systems.

Participation in these organizations also allows an installer to build a network on industry experts that they can call on when difficult issues or problems arise. Having access to this “knowledge base” can drastically increase installer performance and problem solving.

Full Time Employees

Installers with full time employees are able to keep the knowledge and learning of their technicians and staff on each and every job they do. Full time employees allow an installer to apply that learning to every job they do.