Installer Reputation

An experienced installer will have developed a reputation. Check it out!

The photos below show two brass valves. The one FIT 2on the right is made in China and is much thinner, smaller, and lighter than the fitting on the left. Of course, it is also cheaper. Which one would you want installed if you were the customer?

Using the cheapest parts available is one way some geothermal installers hold down costs and increase profits. But using the cheapest parts also comes with a risk. We removed the fitting on the right from a competitors installation because it cracked and was leaking. The company that installed the system was no longer doing geothermal.

The only way you can “trust” that you installer does high quality work is to check out their reputation. Any installer with over 300 installations will have developed a reputation that reflects the quality of their work. So check them out with the Better Business Bureau and organizations like Angie’s list and ask for references.