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Furnace replacement

We will provide you with good/better/ best options for replacing your old gas, propane, or oil furnace or boiler with a new energy efficient gas fired Carrier gas furnace or Navien boiler.

New construction – We will provide you with energy efficient options for your new home that maximize your comfort and fit within your budget.


icon_coolingAC Replacement

We will provide you with a good/better/best estimate on replacing your central air conditioner with an energy efficient Carrier air conditioner.

New Construction

We will provide you with energy efficient options for your new home that maximize your comfort and fit you budget.

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

Carrier ASHP

Carrier ASHP

Air Source Heat Pumps are designed to move heat back and forth between the house and the out side air. In the winter the heat pump takes the heat out of the outside air and brings it into the house. In the summer it reverses and takes the heat out of the house and into the outside air.

Air Source Heat Pumps hook up to your existing duct work. They can meet all of your air conditioning needs and supplement your heating as long as the outside air does not go the specifications for that unit – typically between zero to mid twenties degree.

Mini Split Heat Pumps

Mini Split

Mini Splits are a “ductless) air source heat pumps designed for heating and cooling homes that lack duct work for air conditioning.

The Mini Split has an air source heat pump outside that home that is connected to a Wall Mount unit on the inside of the house. Heating model is limited by outside air temperature.



If you want to explore more energy efficient options we will design a heating and cooling that combines an energy efficient furnace or boiler with air source heat pump technology to reach the next level of comfort and performance. And if you want the absolute best in heating and cooling we will provide a free estimate on complete geothermal system.


technician-icon-teal-128All of our heating and cooling installations are covered by our service department with 24/7/365 emergency service. All of our technicians are full time, NATE certified employees. Rest assured that when you need help, we will be there!



Accessories can be used to increase comfort and performance.

Air Cleaners

Increase air quality with a traditional or electronic Carrier air cleaner. An excellent choice for families dealing with allergies or health issues caused by air quality.


Get relief from the winter’s dry air with a Aprilaire humidifier installed in your furnace ductwork.


Increase your comfort by installing a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the air.

Air Exchange

Improve air quality and safety with a new air exchanger.

On Demand Water Heaters

Reduce your hot water costs and help the environment with an on-demand combination water heater and boiler.