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Types of Furnaces

There are two different basic types of furnaces. The traditional Conventional Furnace and the newer more efficient Condensing Furnace.

Conventional Furnace

Conventional furnaces exhaust combustion gases fast and hot so the gases will exit the chimney flue before cooling and condensing. As a result, the furnace heat exchanger can only collect about 80% or less of the heat from combustion.

Condensing Furnace

A condensing furnace has two heat exchangers, one for primary heat exchange and the other to handle the corrosive condensed exhaust gases of water and carbon dioxide (which form carbonic acid). As a result the furnace heat exchangers can collect up to 98% of the heat from combustion.

Carrier Furnaces

Built on Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air condition in 1902, Carrier is the world leader in heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration solutions. Carrier is constantly building upon its history of proven innovation with new product and services.

Good/Better/Best Pricing

Carrier helps you get the air conditioner you need, at the price that fits you budget with Good – Better – Best Categories and pricing.

Best – Infinity Series

The Infinity® 98 furnace delivers precision comfort with Greenspeed intelligence. This is the most advanced Carrier® furnace ever made. Its unique design innovations achieve unprecedented efficiency and quiet.

Greenspeed intelligence is created by pairing adaptable-speed technology with our Infinity control’s intelligence. The unique, modulating gas valve of this unit, when managed by the Infinity control, allows it to literally adapt its output to the needs of the home. With tiny, 1% adjustments between 40 and 100% capacity, it gives the home only the amount of heating necessary.

Better – Performance Series

Supported by the Performance Edge® thermostat and a variable-speed blower motor, this furnace will run in low stage up to 90% of the time. Longer, low-stage run times give you better energy efficiency, better temperature control and increased comfort. It also assures you quieter performance.

Good – Comfort Series