Air Conditioning

EPA Recommendations

EPA LOGOCentral air conditioners are rated according to their seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). SEER indicates the relative amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output. Many older systems have SEER ratings of 6 or less.

Air Conditioning 101

air-conditioner_expandedAir conditioners employ the same operating principles and basic components as your home refrigerator. Refrigerators use energy (usually electricity) to transfer heat from the cool interior of the refrigerator to the relatively warm surroundings of your home; likewise, an air conditioner uses energy to transfer heat from the interior of your home to the relatively warm outside environment.


Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier Infinity

Carrier Infinity

110 years after developing the world’s first modern air conditioner, Carrier products continue to rank among the world’s best. Energy efficient, quiet and durable, Carrier air conditioning systems are meticulously designed to provide quality, performance and value.

Carrier helps you get the air conditioner you need, at the price that fits you budget with Good – Better – Best Categories and pricing.

BEST – Infinity Series

This is their most efficient air conditioner. It has two-stage compressor to make a real comfort difference when it comes to managing indoor humidity. Two-stage compression lets the system bring the cool when it’s needed but allows it to function mostly in low-stage, where you get the highest efficiency and the best dehumidification due to longer run times. It’s also quieter in low stage.

And if you want to really step up in comfort,  you can combine the 24ANB1 with an Infinity indoor unit featuring a comfort-inducing variable-speed blower motor and manage it all with an Infinity control. It’s the best way to assure you get the highest level of efficiency and cool comfort.

BETTER – Performance Series

Performance series air conditioners offer that perfect balance between budget limits you may have today and your desire for long-term energy savings. The Performance 17 model also goes that one step further to give you two-stage compression for comfort, quiet and enhanced summer dehumidification.

The Performance Series provides a reliable, energy efficient and quiet way to cool your space—no matter how much space you have. Performance Series units operate more quietly than most dishwashers and offer impressive SEER ratings.

GOOD – Comfort Series

The Comfort series of air conditioners is designed to give you simple, efficient, affordable cooling.With impressive SEER efficiency ratings ranging up to 16, they’re likely to cut your utility bills. And because these models can run even quieter than a common hair dryer, it’s easier on your ears as well.