Replacement (Retrofit)

We replace existing units (swap out) or design and install a energy efficient system in existing homes and light commercial buildings.

Swap Out

replace furnaceSimply swapping out existing equipment with new equipment is typically the least expensive option. In the swap out we simply remove the existing furnace, AC, ASHP or Mini split and install the new equipment in its place. Typically there are minimal changes to the existing system other than adjusting for differences in sizes.

System Upgrade

HVAC SYSTEMSystem upgrades look at your entire system – heating or cooling – and designing a new system that will increase the efficiency and performance. This may involve upgrading to more efficient equipment and/or adding new equipment and options that will increase efficiency, performance and comfort.

Good/Better/Best Pricing

Whether you are swapping out existing equipment or upgrading to a more efficient system, we will provide good/better/best pricing to assure you get the best equipment that will fit within your budget.

  • Good – Economy equipment that meets the basic need.
  • Better – Higher quality equipment that provides additional efficiency, performance and comfort.
  • Best – State of the art equipment that provides maximum efficiency, performance and comfort.

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