Kim & Laurie

Why did you choose UMR?
Last April we received an invitation to attend a free dinner to learn about how geothermal heating and cooling works, it’s advantages, benefits, and costs. We attended the dinner and were impressed with the people who gave the presentation, and also with the science of geothermal technology. The folks from UMR Geothermal were very professional and friendly. They explained how geothermal heating and cooling works in simple, easy to understand terms, and they took the time to answer everyone’s questions.

The Sales Process:
A few days after the dinner, we scheduled an appointment with Doug, from UMR Geothermal, to come to our home to work up an estimate for us. Doug walked our land, took photos, and once again explained what would have to be done to install a geothermal system on our property. In a matter of days we had our estimate. Over the next few weeks we phoned Doug with several questions, and he always returned our calls promptly. We contacted homeowners who have geothermal systems, and they were all very satisfied.

The Installation:
The installation process went very smoothly. There was great communication from UMR Geothermal before and during the installation. We always knew who was scheduled to show up, on what day, and what they were going to be working on. No surprises. The workers were very friendly, professional, and respectful of our property.

System Performance:
We could not be happier with our geothermal system! It was so nice not having to sign an LP contract this year and wonder if we’d have enough fuel to last the season. Our neighbors had run out of LP in February of 2014, and had to pay some ridiculous amount of money per gallon to heat their home for the remainder of the winter during “The Polar Vortex”. Never again will we be at the mercy of LP prices to heat our home. Our system will pay for itself in 7 years. And we love the fact that geothermal is environmentally friendly.

City: Waconia, MN
Installation Date: 10/20/2014
Testimonial Date: 04/10/2015

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