Michael Wilkus, Architect AIA CID LEED AP BD&C

When planning the design of my home I knew from the beginning that there were several specific technologies and materials that I wanted incorporated into what I expect to be a home for life. As an Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional, I also knew that the home would incorporate Sustainable Design. Examples of the goals I set are – Recycled Materials, Locally Sourced Materials, Energy Efficient Products, and Site Design incorporating Pervious Materials. Not only was the short term considered when selecting elements of our home, but the long term investment in Energy Technologies were important. I sought out Jim Cusack from UMR Geothermal through an AIA Minnesota Seminar about the use of Geothermal Technologies in the home. Based on his comprehensive presentation I planned on using UMR Geothermal services in the design of our new home. We designed a dual fuel system with a geothermal heat pump and gas fired furnace as backup. Our system consists of five, 140 feet deep vertical looped wells incorporated under a boardwalk. This system supports the heating and cooling of our home consisting of 2,700+ finished square feet. With the dual fuel system we were able to take advantage of an off peak electrical service to reduce our operating costs. My initial calculations showed that the return on investment would be achieved within seven years. We are on track with that goal considering that our average monthly natural gas bill is $23.00. I would recommend UMR Geothermal as a great resource for geothermal technologies and the planning of your next project.

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