UMR has installed over 1000 units in both residential and commercial applications. Our experience ranges from 2000 square foot ramblers to large executive homes and mansions. No matter what the size or complexity, UMR has the experience to do each job right the first time.

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Split System

Every home is unique and presents different challenges when designing and implementing a geothermal system. Therefore every geothermal system must be custom designed for that home or building. In this environment there is no substitute for experience.

The complexity of a geothermal system increases with the size of the home. Geothermal Systems in smaller homes are typically done in a “split configuration” to take advantage of dual fuel pricing of electricity from electrical utilities. Typically they will have a single heat pump, back-up furnace and delivery system; usually forced air.


Multiple Equipment Installation

In contrast large executive homes and mansions often have multiple sets of equipment and delivery systems. Many executive homes have a combination of in floor heat in the basement, garage and bedrooms along with a forced air system to delivery hearing and cooling to the home. These systems often require a more equipment and types of equipment, more communications between equipment, and a more complex design to bring it all together.

Snowmelt Driveway

Snow Melt

UMR also has experience in installing snow melt systems to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow in the winter. Snow melt system use radiant tubing imbedded in the cement to keep these areas clear of snow and ice through the winter months.

Designing and installing a geothermal system requires a great deal of analysis, innovation, and problem solving. UMR’s extensive experience provides us with the learning and understanding to create the most efficient and cost effective geothermal systems for homes of all sizes and shapes.

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UMR has installed geothermal systems in numerous homes that have participated in the Minnesota Parade of Homes.