UMR Geothermal was established to help bring geothermal into Minnesota. It is this single focus that has allowed us to develop our extensive expertise and experience in geothermal. We are the ones that other geothermal companies turn to when they can’t figure things out.

The vast majority of problems associated with geothermal can be traced back to poor installation. Unfortunately during the recent recession many furnace companies were struggling to stay in business. When the Federal Government announced the 30% tax credit many geothermal equipment manufactures contacted furnace installers and encouraged them to get into the geothermal business; there was “quick money” to be made with the 30% tax credit.

Installing a regular furnace can be accomplished by following a few “rules of thumb”. But installing geothermal is more complex and requires that you know and follow the science. Because most furnace installers lack both the understanding of the science and experience in geothermal, many poor installations were made that have damage the reputation of geothermal. Fortunately the recent rebounding of the economy has resulted in many of these “part timers” exiting the geothermal field.

Don’t be fooled by part time installers and don’t get stuck with a system that does not work and an installer who is out of business. Instead rely on the experience and focus of UMR to design the right geothermal system, and install it right the first time.