We know Geo!

Our 1000+ installations has provided us with a tremendous amount of learning, understanding, and knowledge that we apply to every job we do. This experience allows us to catch problems and see opportunities that less experienced installers will miss.

Geol Link Picture

Geo Link Design Studio

We “follow the science” by using Geo Link software to custom design each system. This assures that our loop fields are sized perfectly to match the equipment that we are installing, and our designs are the most efficient and economical for each situation.

Our active participation in professional, non-profit, and government geothermal organizations has allowed us to keep up to speed on the latest advances in technology and has developed a network of industry experts that we can call upon when facing technical challenges.

We continue to advance our knowledge by collaborating on the development of advanced new products for the industry including GLD Ground Loop Design Software and GeoCube thermal conductivity measurement equipment.

Nobody in Minnesota knows Geo better than UMR!