UMR Geothermal specializes in the design, installation, and service of geoexchange systems in residential and light commercial buildings.

This includes both new construction and retrofit of existing buildings and homes.



UMR provides 24/7/365 service for all of its installations.

We also repair, maintain, and service geothermal equipment installed by other contractors in residential and light commercial buildings.


Radiant In-Floor Heating

UMR Geothermal was initially created to focus on radiant in-floor heating. In fact, UMR stands for Upper Midwest Radiant.

We design and install infloor radiant systems that are heated by either fossil fuels or geothermal.


Snow Melt

UMR is one of the few geothermal installers with experience installing snow melt geothermal systems for driveways.


Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to engineering firms and other contractors who are installing geothermal systems.

Design Services

UMR Geothermal design services provide our knowledge, expertise, experience and  state-of-the-art design tools to other installers of geothermal systems . These services include:

  • Loop field design
  • Unit sizing for optimum efficiency
  • Air flow calculations to ensure that each room has the proper amount of heating or cooling
  • Load calculations for proper sizing and installation.

System Trouble Shooting

UMR Geothermal trouble shooting services provide diagnosis of existing system performance to identify performance issues and recommend repair for the issues identified.


Filter Store

Our online filter store provides a quick and easy way to acquire filters for your geothermal system. This is especially useful to customers that have hard to find filters for their units.

Filter Store