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New Construction Geoexchange Systems

New Construction Home

We work with both small builders and large premier home builders to custom design and install  geoexchange systems.

We work closely with  builders to design a geoexchange system that is the most efficient and cost effective for each home.

Our experienced project managers work closely with builders to assure a smooth, coordinated installation of the equipment and to deal with any scheduling challenges that arise in the  construction process.

Determine BTU Requirements

A key aspect of designing a geoexchange system for a new construction home is determining the BTU requirements of the home. This is the amount of heat that will be required to heat the home to the design temperature in all weather conditions. The entire system will be designed to meet this specification. So if this is wrong, everything else will be wrong as well.

To get this requirement as accurately as possible we use Manual J calculations. This process is used to determine the amount of heat a house loses in winter and gains in summer. The procedure is done room-by-room to determine how much conditioned air, in cubic feet per minute (CFM), each room needs for both heating and cooling. It factors in all the surfaces and areas of the building envelope and the insulation levels. Each wall is given its proper orientation, as well as the windows and doors attached to them. Additional important data is the location and tightness of the duct system, the infiltration rate of the house, the internal loads (appliances and people), and area where the house is located.


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