Replacement Systems (Retrofit)


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Geothermal systems are routinely installed in existing homes and buildings to dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs, to increase comfort, and to protect the environment.

We have designed and installed retrofit systems in existing homes ranging from 2000 square foot ramblers to executive homes and mansions.

Challenges of Retrofit installations

Designing a geothermal system for a retrofit home or building is challenging because most of the information needed is either lost or buried under the finished walls and ceilings. This is where UMR’s experience and expertise sets us apart from the competition. Like Sherlock Homes, our experienced staff knows where to look and how to interpret what they see in order to solve the mystery.

Determining BTU Requirements

The first, and most important part of a retrofit installation, is to determine the Btu requirements of the home. The BTU requirement targets exactly how much heating and cooling must be delivered to a home or building to hold a specified design temperature. If the Btu requirement is wrong, then the design will be wrong, and the system will  experience low performance and/or have excessive costs.

Geo Link BTU Requirement

Geo Link Software Load Calculations

UMR uses a process of modeling and measuring to determine Btu requirements in all of our retrofit installations.

We model the performance of a home or buildings current system on GeoLink software. We start with the standard design parameters of 70 Degrees for heating and 75 degrees for cooling.  Once the equipment is loaded in the software it estimates the current systems performance parameters and its annual operating costs. Modeling is the equivalent of the factory gas mileage rating on a car. The analysis is done in “laboratory conditions” and is based on a great many assumptions.

We also measure the homes current system by analyzing the actual fuel and electrical usage for a period of three years. This is the equivalent of running three tanks of gas through a used car to determine that cars actual gas mileage.

The numbers generated by modeling and measuring are compared and adjustments made to the analysis until both methods yield the same Btu requirement. Once they are in agreement, we know we have an accurate assessment of BTU requirements.

It is UMR’s commitment to follow the science and get it right that separates us from most of our competitors.

System Design

Geo Link Design

Geo Link System Design

We use Geo Link Computer software to design geothermal systems that are both high performing and cost effective for our customer’s home. We design each system as if we were putting it in our own home.

Throughout the design process we are constantly managing the trade-offs between cost and performance. We manage these trade offs very closely to create the greatest return on the homeowner investment. We avoid adding a lot of cost for a small increase in performance. And we will not cut corners and reduce the performance and integrity of the system to save a little money.

Support after Installation

We back up our quality installations with a free one year inspection and check up. There are two goals for this inspection. First is to talk with the customer to see if the system is meeting the expectations that were set during the sales process. Second is to do a thorough examination of the equipment to make sure it is performing to specifications

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