UMR Geothermal partners with the top manufacturers, industry professionals

The design and installation of a comfort system is only as good as the professionals and products you work with. That is why UMR Geothermal has aligned themselves with the top manufacturers of geothermal and radiant floor equipment.

Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • WaterFurnace – Highest efficiency geothermal heating, cooling and hot water equipment
  • Rehau – Radiant floor tubing and components
  • Carrier – A highly efficient and well recognized furnace manufacturer
  • Unico – The industry leader of high velocity air delivery systems
  • Triangle Tube – Boilers that deliver efficiency with reliability
  • Bergerson-Caswell, Inc. – Regional provider of drilling and thermal conductivity testing services
  • Thermal Dynamics, Inc. – Professional loop field design, loop design software, formation thermal conductivity testing, and consulting

Associations and Institutes

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